How Often Should You Pressure Wash Your Home Exterior?

High pressure cleaning driveway with water washer
High pressure cleaning driveway water splashing the asphalt washes the pavement

There is no specific answer to when and how often you should pressure wash. If there is growing mold and mildew in your front and back yard, it may be time to call professional pressure washing services to clean your pathways, patio, driveways, parking lots, roofs, and other outdoor surfaces. Pressure washing is a great cleaning method to keep your home exterior clean and well-maintained all the time. Whether you want to impress your guests or planning to sell your property, pressure washing your exterior can quickly show some amazing results than your regular cleaning processes.

Pressure wash is an easy and efficient way to clean and remove dirt, dust, mold, grime, paint, oil stain, chewing gum, and other types of stains using a high-pressure water stream. These things grow up and accumulate in your outdoor surfaces by several means and can reduce your property’s value in the long run if not cleaned properly. Though pressure washing is great to clean your outdoor surfaces, too much pressure washing can damage your surfaces. Here’s a quick guide to help you on when and how often you should call a professional pressure washing service in Jacksonville to clean your exterior.

How often should you pressure wash?

Many factors can influence this decision depending on the climate of your region and in which part of the city your home is located. Usually, it’s best to hire a pressure washing service at least once a year to keep your front and back yard clean. It keeps your outdoor surfaces clean and intact without any other maintenance work. In certain cases, people may require to pressure wash their properties 2-3 times a year, depending on where they live or why they want to clean them. You can talk to experts and professionals in your region to know more about it. A quick inspection from professionals can tell you if you need to pressure wash your exterior right now.

It all depends on how quickly your exterior gets dirty and what situations or conditions are behind them. Properties located in different regions and different parts of cities are exposed to different conditions. There are many factors that determine how quickly your outdoor surfaces can get dirty and when is the best time to pressure wash your property. These are some factors that you should take into your account to know how often and when to pressure wash your home exterior.

Pollution level

Pollution levels in your city can be the main decider on when and how often should you pressure wash. It is the key contributor to the rate at which your property gets dirty over the period. If your house is right in the middle of the city, it will get dirty more quickly than a house outside the city. And hence, you will require more frequent pressure washing than usual.

The local climate

The local climate and weather condition in your region is also key contributor to the cause that add up to your outdoor surfaces. A place that receives more rain and is warm and humid will get dirty quicker than any other property and require more appointments with professional pressure washers.

Planning to sell your property

Leave the dirt, dust, mold, and mildew aside; if you are planning to sell your house then it’s time to clean your entire house, especially your outdoors. So, it’s best to hire pressure washing services to clean all your outdoor surfaces and boost their value before listing them for the sale.

These are some reasons that ask you to hire professional pressure washers more often than usual. However, it’s better to schedule pressure washing appointments at least once a year to keep your pathways and driveways clean and maintained. If you are looking for a professional pressure washing service in Jacksonville, call us at J3’s Property Enhancements to discuss your requirements and book an appointment for a quick inspection of your property in the region.

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