Paver Sealing in Jacksonville, FL Near 32222

Paver sealing helps protect your pavers and also enhances the color of your pavers. Here are some different types of pavers.

Clay Brick Pavers – The most popular type of paver. Stain and color resistant. Can be installed in a variety of patterns. Easy to install, but commonly more expensive to have installed due to smaller size. Compared to its counterparts, brick pavers are more susceptible to cracking, chipping, and crumbling.

Concrete Pavers – Popular for commercial projects under high vehicular traffic areas. Come in various colors, shapes, and sizes. Have a high compressive strength (8,000 psi) making them less prone to chipping and cracking. Hold up much better against deicing chemicals, and absorb less water (5%) compared to standard concrete (7–9%). Strength and porosity varies amongst manufacturers. Colors under UV rays and surface traffic.

Stone Pavers – Broad term for different types of stone pavers; limestone, granite, bluestone, slate, and flagstone being popular choices. Natural look makes them popular for outdoor landscapes. Long-lasting. Withstand the most extreme weather conditions. Cracking, pitting, spalling, surface detioration of little concern.